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Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: “Roswell was an ET Event” by Anthony Bragalia

General Nathan Twining

Six weeks before he passed, the 4-star General who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Eisenhower (and who was the Commander of the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field in July of 1947) confessed to his namesake son that the Roswell crash was an extraterrestrial event.

Even more astonishingly, he disclosed that one of the aliens had survived.


General Nathan Twining was a West Point grad who was born into a family that was long-associated with the military. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he had risen to become the highest ranking military officer in the U.S. Armed Forces and principal military advisor to a President. Before retiring with over four decades of service, he was eligible to wear over 30 military medals.

Twining, concerned about the increasing rise in UFO reports during the summer of 1947, had advised the initiation of a formal study of the mysterious phenomenon. Known as Project Sign, this early official UFO study was authorized in December of 1947 by General Laurence Craige (Chief of Air Force R&D and implicated as Roswell-involved by Craige’s pilot, Ben Games.)

At the time of the Roswell incident Twining was at Wright Field (where the crash debris was flown) as Commander of the Air Materiel Command (AMC.) The AMC was charged with research, development, acquisition and flight testing of novel, prototype or foreign aircraft and weapons.

Twining would certainly have been well-positioned to have known about what had really happened at Roswell at the time of the crash. He likely garnered further details when he was later rewarded for his work by being named by a President to lead our nation’s Armed Forces as Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In a formerly classified (and infamous) letter to Air Force General George Schulgen (known as the “Twining Memo”) Twining writes to the General that the flying disc phenomenon reported “is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” He went on to consider natural phenomenon and controlled, engineered objects as possibilities.

It now appears evident that Twining knew far more definitively what the phenomenon actually represented.

Buried at the Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, General Twining died in March of 1982 in Texas at the age of 84.

The General’s Son Reveals His Father’s Roswell Secret

Nathan Twining Jr.

Nathan Twining’s same-named son told investigators (including Tom Carey) that on UFOs, he had remembered that his father had mentioned to him that he was very concerned about the increasing number of pilots that were “lost” while scrambling for and chasing the illusive flying objects. 

And a recent and very little-viewed video of testimony given by an unassuming Englishwoman suggests strongly that General Twining –and his son- knew far more about the true nature of Roswell crash than they had ever let on publicly.

In the video, released in September of this year by UK investigator Joanne Summerscales, a woman named Jo Walters (who is now is her 80s) relates that she had met Nathan Twining, Jr. during the 1997/1998 time frame. What he told her about his General father has left her startled to this day.

At the time, Jo was, along with two friends, considering retiring to the United States. She and her friends were members of a religion that was seeking to establish a community retreat there. It happened that one of her friends knew of Nathan Twining who was a member of the same faith in the US. She contacted him to let him know of their intentions- and to her delight he invited her, Jo Walters and another friend to spend some time at the guest quarters at his ranch. He would discuss placing a religious community on one of his expansive New Mexico land holdings. They accepted his invitation and arrived to a fine welcome.

Later in the visit, Nathan explained to Jo that he was the son of a military General. Given the ranch’s New Mexico location and his father’s time of service, the talk got around to the Roswell crash.

Nathan Jr. told Jo that his father and he had discussed the matter previously and that at the end of his life his father finally came forth on the true nature of the Roswell event.

Nathan said that his father believed that he was always ‘straight’ with his son and that he now wanted to set the record straight about the crash. General Twining was apparently sparing in what he told his son. But six weeks before he passed General Twining did confirm:

- The Roswell incident was in fact an event involving extraterrestrials

- A crew of beings had crashed in the desert

- One of these beings had survived, but later expired

- The General added that he had himself visited the being and had communicated with it telepathically while it was held at a secure government location in New Mexico.

You can view Jo Walters being interviewed here:

Jo Walters’ Taped Testimony
(Advance to 27:42 of this 40:22 long video for critical testimony if desired)

Nathan Twining Jr. (now elderly, placed under guardianship and believed incapacitated) became recognized as very successful as both a real estate businessman in Baltimore and as a New Mexico land developer. And he was as generous as he was prosperous (donating, for instance, acres of land on which to site an observatory for the Albuquerque Astronomical Society.)

He is a man of inherited means with a reputation for genuineness. He had no reason to fabricate or to dishonor his father’s legacy with lies. And corroboration for Jo Walter’s claims about Twining comes from several, including these individuals:

-Respected veteran UFO researcher Ted Oliphant relates in a Facebook entry that he had also heard from Nathan Twining Jr. that his General dad saw the Roswell alien and that it had used telepathic means to communicate. Nathan Jr. added this important element: he was told by his father that the ET “wanted no contact with us.”

-Paranormal researcher Suzy Ward wrote in 2011 that about 20 years previous she had purchased some acreage from Nathan Jr. In conversations with him at that time (and perhaps because of her inclination to things universal and spiritual) she was related some amazing things about the crash. Like Jo Walters and Ted Oliphant, she was told of Nathan’ father’s story about a surviving crew member of a four-creature crew and about communication by telepathy with the living alien.

-Roswell investigator and author Tom Carey (when emailed the Jo Walters video by this author) confirmed to me that what Jo states matches up with what he knew to be true about Nathan Twining Jr.  He has met Twining in the past and has been to his ranch estate. Carey said that what Walter’s details about Twining’s ranch, circumstance, demeanor and related fine points leads him to believe that she had indeed visited him in New Mexico.

The Highest Official Confirmation of ET Ever?


If what Nathan Jr. says about Nathan Sr. was true, it represents confirmation at the very highest levels of government -from one of the most decorated men in military history- that the Roswell incident was truly ET.



  1. This is good for the field of Ufologists that have held this firm in their knowing for decades. I recall a 'leaked' document with the official stamps, names and information about the EBEs with mention of one that survived. The document was smuggled out of Edwards. The gentleman who received it and others was visited by the MIB and those in fatigues a few days later. He employed one of the oldest tricks in the book that still works... he hid them in plain sight on the back seat of his car. So much for military intelligence.

    It is good to hear of folks finally coming clean, though, Can you imagine that amount of stress one who has sworn an oath (and still respects it) to keep things secretly hidden away in their mind and heart? I cannot help but wonder what transparency could or would do for the public.Perhaps there would be a burst of angry outcries that were ill-prepared for the truth and won't know what to do with it. ...and it will take another 50 years to reach useability.

    The admittance of the EBE reaching out telepathically does give credence to the plethora of contactee reports that have nothing to do with physical sightings. These reports have to do with continuing communication that encourages the notion of collaboration and community building amongst humanity before 'they' are willing to step foot upon our planet openly.

    Zen Benefiel
    Curator -

  2. Of course none of this would be allowed in a court of law because it is "hearsay." Bragalia writes that Tom Carey said that Twinning Jr. remembvers that his father said he was concerned about pilots missing in action that had chased UFO's. This is four person's removed from a conversation that occured many decades ago. A judge wuld throw this out immediately, unless Twinning Sr came to court, and made this statment under sworn testimony.

    The second "evidence" presented here by Bragalia relates how Summerscales states in a video of Jo Walters that she talked to Twinning Jr. who said that Twinning Sr had mentioned ets at Rosewell. Etc. etc.

    None of this would be considered as any evidence at all in a court of law.

    Personally, I think there are ets. though I have never seen one, but a few friends have. However the above hearsay is not anything to rely upon.

  3. Well, well. The "authorities" are at it again. Just as soon as someone tells us the actual evidential facts concerning Roswell (Douglas, which have been documented since day one. As an ex-member of the RAAF, I can confirm what Mr Dietrich brought forward, but the reason nobody knows the Truth, is because they don't wish to know. I mean, let's face the facts...if the world found out that the Japanese won the Second World War after USA sued Japan for Peace, and the "signing" of the document aboard the fated ship was signed under a flag which was backwards and with the incorrect amount of stars, there would be hell to pay. Then again Americans, like Australians, Brits and New Zealanders are pretty dumb, and will fight to the death to protect a LIE!!!
    Emperor Hirihito was definitely the richest man alive in the 40's, even bigger than the Rothschilds, but if he dropped the biocidal wepons he invented, on America, his fortune would have been destroyed because it was hedged against the American dollar. There's much. much more the world needs to be told, but I doubt if they will ever wake up........unless there was a Hollywood movie made about the Truth. So much for Justice in the world????? I would say that ALL Service clubs around the world will now have to alter their respective glass-cabinet displays, but then I doubt that as well. Most people on planet Earth would rather live out the LIE and just pass away without either knowing the Truth or passing it on.

  4. This gives more credence to the "Alien Interview" manuscript.

  5. In relation to the "Alien Interview" detail, the statement that there was a survivor at Roswell is the part that I need confirmation on. Does anyone know if it was reported or documented anywhere that that "Alien" had a mouth, nose (nostrils) and ears?

  6. It would be incredible to find anything that verified the Alien Interview as fact. ISBE.

  7. project paperclip was brought from germany to help with the german's plan to create an alien agenda, Hitler himself made over 60 spaceships or flying saucers trying to emulate a saucer they found in Northern Turkey at the end of the 19th century, the Alien agenda is just that, it was in 1947 the year of the alien, that brought the world to the belief in et's. It's a lie perpetrated since WWII..

  8. The alien was a "grey." The alien communicated by telepathy. She reported that Earth is a penal colony. Read the "alien interview."

  9. If these beings are real, we must be open to the possibility that they are lying about being interstellar travellers, and may be interdimensional travellers instead. In other words, demonic beings, former members of the heavenly host who rebelled along with their leader Lucifer who is now known as Satan. This may be part of the great deception that is mentioned in the last book of the bible.

  10. Grey aliens are biological robots under control of reptilians. It is reptilians who control human civilisation and are responsible for the global policies. It's why the greys are the mainstream media's popular representation of aliens because it diverts attention away from the real rulers of Earth the reptilians. The greys that is the biological robots feed by a process of absorbing nutrients through their skin. The grey feeding process involves their immersion in large vats containing human blood and limbs. It could also explain why space samples taken from Earth orbit smell like roast beef. Reptilians however are carnivores and have very sharp teeth and claws.

    Greys and their controllers the reptilians like to instill absolute fear and terror into humans as the humans generate a hormonal response which the greys and reptilians use to harvest secretions from human blood. The liquid taken from humans is used to give greys and reptilians 'a high' just like a recreational drug.

    Those wanting to get a better understanding of reptilians and the human place in civilisation should look online for: 'aliendigest vhst transit' and 'wemustknow wordpress reed rfid'. Those wanting an overview of the physical dimension, why the evil demigod that created the physical universe (using many names including satan/lucifer/moloch among others) no longer exists and why the reptilians have lost and run out of time could look online for: 'great awakening chiappalone page6'.

  11. Some reports state the alien craft that crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 crashed because of radar and it explains why radar installations are periodically switched off in agreement with aliens. Reports have also suggested vats with blood and human body parts were also found on the crashed saucer but this was kept secret from the public to avoid fear, panic and retaliation by humans.

  12. Minor correction:

    "General Laurence Craige" -- It's "Craigie," not "Craige."

  13. AJB - Thank you so much for your contribution to the flippant drollery of the science of UFO badinage, dear boy!

  14. What happened to the UFO Iconclast blog? It seems to have disappeared.

  15. Too bad he didn't have the balls to tell it all at the time the Roswell incident happened.

  16. Anthony Bragalia, please add me to your list of UFOlks on whom you are performing background checks. I hope you find that all my papers are in order and meet your high stellar standards for discussion of all things UFOlogical.